Dosi Ltd. performs medium to heavy metal carpentry with particular expertise in high tech precision boring and milling machines .

It assembles and tests equipment and finite groups, achieving complete cycles from prototyping to assembly. Our customers are all leaders in their fields, and work mainly in the precision mechanical systems, automatic machines, packaging machines, machines for plastic processing, earth-moving machinery and road building machinery. We have a long tradition in the mechanical field that began in a smithy workshop founded by Angelo Dosi in 1929. Currently the company operates on a covered area of 4000 square meters, in conformance to the procedures provided by the quality certification ISO 9000 to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. Always sensitive to environmental issues, Dosi is a “zero emissions” company. The photovoltaic system installed in our factory produces the internal electricity needs. Dosi has recently acquired at the end of 2008 the company Baruffaldi Plastic Technology, which is specialized in manufacturing extrusion machines and special machines for plastic profiles processing. Moreover, the owner has recently integrated Primac brand in the group to widen the production program with plants for smooth and corrugated pipes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a strategic reference point for the client-companies and to improve their competitive level. Our experience in the management and implementation of manufacturing processes makes us reliable to customers for:

  • Improving the quality of products
  • Ensuring delivery time.

Our goal is to achieve excellence in mechanical construction. Our reputation is built on trust, reliability in achieving both financial and management results and quality of workmanship. Fairness, Transparency, Respect and Reciprocity are the values which we try to keep faith in the relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Our Clients

The relationship with our clients is based on a strong, shared understanding of the goal to reach. We are interested in establishing with our customer relationship co-makership “do together” in order to:

  • Speed up processing and delivery times
  • Ensure a high quality
  • Help improve the competitive level of our customers.

We place a great emphasis in offering highly flexible solutions, to comply with customer’s production needs. Our working method is for our customers a guarantee for achieving a high yield production combined within an extremely flexible system.