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Dosi Srl is the holding company of a network of entreprises who work in sinergy to offer to their customers a high quality service.

Baruffaldi Plastic Technology

The company Baruffaldi Ferrara has a history of over 60 years, along which it has created a strong image as a manufacturer of equipment and technology for the extrusion of plastic. It currently operates successfully in the international market, producing equipment and extrusion lines for plastic materials, machines in and out of line for PVC profiles, PVC shutters, aluminum and steel gutters and cable ducts, special machines on request and turnkey plants. Its technological know-how has always been its strong point, putting continuing technological innovation alongside the traditional professionalism and seriousness that has always distinguished service Baruffaldi. Designers, mechanics and testers work closely together, in synergy with the client to improve the quality and effectiveness of solutions.


Primac has a long tradition in manufacturing machines in and off-line for the extrusion and the processing of PE/PP/PVC smooth and corrugated pipes. The top solutions are in particular the machines for threading, perforating and jointing of corrugated pipes, in addition to the sizing and cooling tanks and the planetary cutting units. Baruffaldi and Primac brands together integrate themselves to offer the widest production program at an international level for the end-of-line plants in the plastic profiles and pipes field.