Who we are

Dosi Srl carries out medium-heavy carpentry complete with high-tech boring and milling machining.

The Dosi Srl company was founded in 1929 by Mr. Angelo Dosi as a workshop. The strong mechanical tradition allows us to create complete cycles, from prototype to assembly, assembling and testing finished units and machines.

Our customers are leaders in their sectors, and operate mainly in the markets of precision mechanical systems, automatic machines, packaging, plastic processing machines, earthmoving and road moving machines.

Currently the company operates on a covered area of 5000 square meters, according to the procedures provided for by the ISO 9000 quality certification to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Always sensitive to environmental issues, Dosi is a “0 emissions” company as the photovoltaic systems installed in our factories produce the internal electricity needs. The property acquired at the end of 2008 the company Baruffaldi Plastic Technology, which operates internationally in the production of machines for the extrusion and processing of plastic profiles; it also completed the range of automatic machines by integrating the Primac brand into the group, dedicated to systems for smooth and corrugated pipes.

Our History

Our Mission

Dosi Ltd. is a strategic reference point for the companies served, in order to improve their competitiveness. Strengthened by its experience and its know-how in the management and implementation of production processes, it guarantees customers an always better-quality level of products and faster delivery times. The goal of Dosi Ltd is to achieve excellence in mechanical construction. Trust, reliability in achieving both managerial and economic results and the quality of our processes distinguish us. Fairness, Transparency, Respect and Reciprocity are the values to which we try to keep faith in the relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Our Vision

Our Social Commitment

Thanks to the hospitality of the Dosi family, the Romagna Air Finders Museum was able to find its perfect location in Fusignano, giving new life to what once was the workshop of Angelo Dosi, grandfather and predecessor of the current CEO of Dosi Srl, Mr. Alberto Dosi. Inside the historic workshop, three large rooms have been recreated, exhibiting the finds accompanied by audio and video supports.

Mr. Dosi is really proud of this initiative and said “There is no better result, than to be able to see a place of my childhood, loved by me as much as the man who created it, my grandfather, who gave me the passion for this work and the company values that have always guided me “.

Through this donation therefore, not only the association Raf can continue to carry on its commendable cause, but the whole territory benefits from the presence of a unique museum of its kind, which combines the recovery of finds and heroes landed on our territory with the ethical, social and human value. A work that enriches the cultural heritage of this region. The Air Finders “Humanitarian History” museum is the headquarters of the association Raf – Romagna Air Finders, formed by a group of people moved by a common spirit of volunteering, for research and recovery of World War II airplanes and human compassion of their pilots and crews. From that first and unforgettable find on August 13th 1998, the association brought to light 18 shot down planes, and the bodies of 8 pilots: three Germans, two British, one Brazilian and two Italians, to whom the funeral services were celebrated with military and civil honors.