Testing Department

Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche uses two types of 3D quality control systems with air-conditioned cabin to test machining.


Portal dimensional control tool that guarantees a high accuracy, repeatability of results and automation of measurement cycles. Range (mm): 2540 (X) – 1500 (Y) – 1020 (Z) Position precision parallel to the axes (µm): 3 + 4 L/1000 Length measurement accuracy along any direction in space (µm): 4 + 5 L/1000

CAM2 FaroArm Platinum

This tool allows you to check large pieces both in the carpentry and in the machining phase, therefore with the part still positioned on the machine tool. The measurement accuracy is 25µm/1000.
For mechanical machining of all sizes and types, the FARO arm has an action range of the order of one and a half meters, but is equipped with a volumetric calculation system that allows it to act on pieces of any size.

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