High-tech Precision Machining and Boring

Dosi Ltd. performs medium to heavy metal carpentry with particular expertise in high tech precision boring and milling machining. It assembles and tests equipment and finite groups, achieving complete cycles from prototyping to assembly. Our customers are all leaders in their fields, and work mainly in the precision mechanical systems, automatic machines, packaging machines, machines for plastic processing, earth-moving machinery and road building machinery.

Tradition and Sustainability

tradizione-sostenibilità tradizione-sostenibilità

We have a long tradition in the mechanical field that began in a workshop founded by Angelo Dosi in 1929. Always sensitive to environmental issues, Dosi is a “zero emissions” company thanks to the photovoltaic systems installed in our factory.

Quality and Service

qualita-servizio qualita-servizio

Currently the company operates on a covered area of 4000 square meters, in conformance to the procedures provided by the quality certification ISO 9000 to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. The testing department is equipped with three-dimensional machines such as the CAM2 FaroArm Platinum and 3D the measuring machine DEA-HEXAGON

Baruffaldi Primac

The Group

Retracing chronologically the history group, the first step is the “Dosi mechanical constructions”start up which has been integrated in a first moment with the acquisition of Baruffaldy company in Ferrara for what concerne extrusion machines, tools and extrusion lines for plastic profiles and later with the brand “Primac” for pipes manufacturing. Recently DOSI’s head quarter expanded due to the moving of the Baruffaldi’s factory from Ferrara to Fusignano. In this way the expansion and business integration has been completed. The entire team of Dosi’s group work in synergy in order to offer a high quality and competitive level of the finished product. Since it was established in 1953 Baruffaldi Srl has created a solid reputation at an international level as a manufacturer of extrusion tools and extrusion lines for plastics, automatic in-line and off-line machines for PVC profiles, PVC, aluminium and steel roller shutters, cable and installation ducts for the electrical industry as well as for special machines made to spec and turnkey projects. Today with the Primac brand name, it also builds machines for processing smooth and corrugated pipes in PP, PE and PVC.

Production Departments

We offer our customers technical services for mechanical parts processing, being specialized in milling and boaring operations. We devote most of our investments to technological innovation. The composition of our production departments allows for the production of small series starting from the construction of the prototype. The productive activity is organized into four departments: