Testing Department

Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche uses two tipe of 3D quality control systems with air-conditioned cabin to do testing machining.

Quality control system with 3D measuring machine  DEA-HEXAGON

A professional Dosi operator uses this class coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Metrology for the quality check. It is possible to measure small and medium-size parts three-dimensionally without having to sacrifice performance and accuracy. Quickly create part programs directly from CAD models.

Range (mm): 2540 (X) – 1500 (Y) – 1020 (Z) Position precision parallel to the axes (µm): 3 + 4 L/1000 Length measurement accuracy along any direction in space (µm):  4 + 5 L/1000

Quality control system with three-dimensional FaroArm Platinum

Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche can perform three-dimensional tests on all our machined metal pieces. The test is made using the FaroArm Platinum. The measurements are sent to the computer equipped with a CAD/CAM, which compares the actual size with the measurements of the original rendering. It then prints a report with the deviations found. The reliability of these tests is ensured by the annual review of the instrument by the qualified certification body. The FaroArm Platinum has a working range of 1.5 meters, but has a built-in system for volumetric calculation that allows it to test pieces of any size. Technical data sheet