Machining Department

Our strenght and competivity is due to:

  • Flexible productive system with CAD/CAM programmation system
  • Machines dotated with 360°-index head and perpetual movement tables for the 5 axles lavoration
  • Complete and high tech tooling department

The department has a crane with 12,5 ton lift capacity and includes:

Soraluce FS 8000 x 3200 Heidenhain Cnc Milling and Boring Machine


Technical data sheet

Soraluce FP 8000 x 2500 Heidenhain Cnc for Milling and Boring Machine


Technical data sheet

Tos 5000 × 2500 Heidenhain Cnc boring machine

Castel Red 3000 × 2000 Heidenhain Cnc boring machine

This boring machine is built on a single structure that integrates the transverse movement carriage. This solution allows for extremely compact and low working heights resulting in an optimal working position for the loading and tooling oft the the pieces to be worked. The head bearing the boring spindle runs centrally in the frame and is guided from both sides. The resulting qualities of rigidity are unapproachable by other traditionally designed boring machines and translate into high-capacity removal and especially in precision and quality. Technical data sheet

 Chevalier FSG-2460 CNC grinding machine

Technical data sheet X= 1400 mm Y= 600 mm Z= 500 mm FANUC control

MORI SEIKI MV 65/50 and OKUMA work centers

Technical data sheet X= 1500 mm Y= 650 mm z= 800 mm FANUC control

Fanuc wire erosion

X= 350 mm Y= 220 mm Z= 250 mm (immersion) Maximum angle of taper: 20° FANUC control

Charmilles Robofil 240 wire erosion


X= 350 mm Y= 250 mm Z= 220 mm (immersion) Maximum angle of taper: 30° FANUC control

Precision parallel lathes 700 x 3000


360 ° cylindric index machine head and horizontal milling machine head

Permanent motion tables for 5 shaft production

Frames manufacturing

Running Deep Drilling


Other types of machinin

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