The winning innovation roadmap

“Innovation is the right way forward for creating wealth and developing the company.”

On 21st April 2016 Dott. Dosi gave a speech at the conference “Unione Bassa Romagna: un territorio orientato allo sviluppo” held at You Start in Lugo. The event, organized by the agency for innovation Centuria, in collaboration with the Fondazione Giovanni Dalle Fabbriche, focussed on the concept of innovation and its effects on the development of various local companies when institutions also gave their backing to it.

Dott. Dosi’s testimony proved to be a valuable and concrete example of entrepreneurial innovation: the companies in his group are characterised by a future-oriented drive to renew their ideas, their organisation, their productive process and the product offered. Process and product are closely connected inasmuch as the success of the product is often decided at the moment it is created.

Innovation is the key to growth and competitiveness and the capacity for innovation in an industrial structure such as the Italian one, characterised by a web of small companies, can grow even further if companies work together in networks.