Guidarello Giovani XI Edition

The Dosi Group has joined, again this year, the initiative “Guidarello Giovani XI – Reportage in Azienda”, organized by Confindustria Romagna, in collaboration with the Regional Office for Emilia Romagna – Territorial Area of ​​Ravenna, and with the support of the CCIAA of Ravenna. The competition, now consolidated as one of the major youth orientation interventions, is aimed at high school high school students in the Province, tasked with developing a documented presentation of the company from which they are hosted.

The visit to the company headquarters took place on Wednesday, October 18, during which the history, organization and production process of Dosi Srl as well as of Baruffaldi Plastic Technology – Primac was illustrated. The class in question, 4C of the Olivetti Professional Institute, chose to produce the report in video format.

In order to release their useful documentation for the assembly of their project, a QR Code was posted at several points in the company through which they could download the business presentation file directly to their smartphones.

The reception took place in the soundproofed and air-conditioned hall of the Dosi Srl dedicated to quality control through the three-dimensional measuring machine, where Mr. Alberto Dosi presented himself to the students. He immediately pointed out to young future accountants and administrators / controllers, the importance of the visit at his group to understand in the concrete how raw material is processed, gaining economic value and sold as a final product.

The route started with the carpentry and welding production department, ranging from mechanical machining and assembly, the latter mostly shown inside the Baruffaldi – Primac, where they were able to admire the various machines and equipment for the plastic processing and extrusion industry.

He subsequently conducted the classroom within technical, commercial and administrative offices to make them touch the work done daily.

At the end of the tour, during a pleasant break, there was a fun exchange of jokes between the group owner and the whole class. The dr. Dosi explained to them how young he was, when he decided to follow his instinct and pursued his desire to become entrepreneurial. This was an important step in helping the guys understanding how important willpower is, together with preparation and knowledge. She explained her commitment in helping young people enter the workplace by supporting projects such as school / work alternation and various types of internships, clearly dedicated to willing-to-learn and curious people. In conclusion, the question of a girl regarding keeping updated with the frantic and sudden technological developments has given the entrepreneur a few words to express the key to his concept of successful entrepreneurship: “The starting point is surely the philosophy of never feeling heard, but with its own skill and critical eye, you must always compete with a mindset of winners “.

The Dosi Group is constantly and actively participating in events promoted and developed by Confindustria