Open Day 2018: When Teamwork Makes Dreams Work

Also this year the Dosi Group opened, on June 12, the doors of its factories in Fusignano, in the province of Ravenna, to allow customers and suppliers of the three companies that make it up – Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche, Baruffaldi Plastic Technology and Primac – and for representatives of local institutions to visit their production departments and see the latest news under construction.

The visit, which started from the departments dedicated to mechanical processing, allowed Alberto Dosi, managing director of the group, to illustrate to the participants the various processing phases as well as the technologies used to always obtain a product that meets the highest quality standards required by the market and the most stringent customer needs. This, in fact, has always represented the common thread of the group’s activities, albeit made up of three different companies: a high quality at the service of the customer.

Once they arrived at the Baruffaldi Plastic Technology plant, which recently underwent a further expansion, after that of 2017, with the acquisition of another industrial lot adjacent to its main body, visitors were able to experience the results firsthand of the production chain that was born in Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche, where its assembly department is located and the extrusion lines and the various machines for downstream processing of plastic profiles and pipes take shape.

Among the solutions under construction there were two complete systems for punching and coining electrical cable ducts, one for the Iranian market and the other for the Russian one, technologies of which Baruffaldi Plastic Technology is one of the leading manufacturers in the sector. The start-up of one of the two plants represented one of the most interesting moments of the event, offering visitors an overview of the entire process and highlighting the technology behind the system as well as the quality of the production performance of the line.

The punching and coining of electrical cable ducts is carried out on three sides off line, which, thanks to its modularity, is suitable for punching all formats in the dimensions from 15 x 15 to 100 x 150 cm. Coining is based on a technology specifically developed by Baruffaldi, which adds an important surplus to the product by eliminating burrs and sharp edges along the punched holes. POVI 10000 punching systems are among the few systems in the world designed to reach a process speed of up to 12 meters per minute without reducing product quality.

The components of first-rate brands, presence sensors and proportional valves guarantee total process reliability, as well as high precision, regardless of the thickness of the duct. The development of software developed according to the specific needs of the cusatomers allows you to customize the process according to the geometry involved, adaptable to any punching scheme. Features such as silent process, quick and easy format change, reduction of production and maintenance costs, also derive from the same commitment to research and development of increasingly advanced and high-performance technologies, which has now distinguished for more than fifty ‘ years the activity of Baruffaldi Plastic Technology.