The Dosi Group is once again at the forefront of the territory: "INDUSTRY 4.0 Laboratory" dedicated to schools in the Lughese area.

The Lugo Professional Technical Center will soon have a laboratory room with “industry 4.0” technology, the most modern currently on the market, suitable for training young people with professional skills that are in line with their right aspirations and with the primary needs of our companies, operating in the field of mechanics and electronics.

The Cassa di Risparmio and Banca del Monte di Lugo Foundation, with the collaboration and support of Crédit Agricole Italia which operated through its Charity Fund, broke the delay and proposed itself as leader for the collection of funds aimed at the realization of the project, involving several entrepreneurs from Lugo and Bassa Romagna who have decided to contribute voluntarily and in solidarity, interested in playing an active role in accelerating the improvement of relations between the world of school and that of businesses: two realities that, in in the past, they have shown difficulties in communication and mutual understanding, but which for some time have activated collaborative relationships that are destined to consolidate and bring elements of significant advantage to the whole community.

The involvement of the local business world has a meaning that goes far beyond the simple financial quantification of an investment, albeit a very important one, as it represents the desire to be a major player in the social affair of Lower Romagna as well as – as happens every day – in that economic: the synergy that is being created between the school and the business contributes to increasing the levels of training and professionalism of young people, helps them to quickly enter into the business logic and favors the general enrichment of a new business culture and work, allowing further experiences and skills to develop in the area.

On Wednesday 27 February the representatives of about twenty companies in the area gathered around a table to seal the birth of the industry 4.0 laboratory. The president of the Cassa di Risparmio and Banca del Monte di Lugo Foundation, Raffele Clò, said – “these companies allow for the consolidation of the integration between schools and businesses in Lower Romagna, in order to encourage a more complete and advanced training of students than to the expectations of the world of work


The companies that have made possible the birth of the Industry 4.0 laboratory are numerous, very well known at the local level due to their “family” structure, and rich in important turnover and in continuous growth thanks to the large percentages of market shares from abroad. , among which the Dosi reaches its highest peak of 95% with the subsidiary Baruffaldi Plastic Technology.