Open Day 2022 - Festival dell'industria e dei Valori d'Impresa

On Friday 17th June 2022, the Dosi Group opened the doors of its production departments to all visitors to show process technologies and latest innovations. The visit started from the Dosi company where, after a short presentation of Confindustria president Roberto Bozzi and the city mayor Nicola Pasi, Alberto Dosi, managing director of the group, illustrated to the participants the history, vision and mission of his companies. He pointed out the 3 main focuses of this and the next few years: the digitization of the entire process, the internal reorganization of the corporate structure and the improvement of corporate sustainability through an analysis of the group’s circular economy. After that, he guided visitors on a tour of the companies starting from the various processing phases. The visitors could appreciate all the high precision machining, boring and testing of the Dosi company.

Once they arrived at the Baruffaldi Plastic Technology plant, visitors were able to experience the results first hand of the production chain that was born in Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche. There, they could see the assembly department, the extrusion lines and where the various machines for the downstream processing of plastic profiles and pipes take shape. Among the solutions in the testing phase there was a complete system for punching and coining electrical cable ducts, technology of which Baruffaldi Plastic Technology is one of the leading manufacturers in the sector. The other solution that lef tvisitors overwhelmed was a Cap Inserter machine, an automatic off line machine for the assembly of aluminum roller shutters with caps interlocking system. In addition, visitors could appreciate also some Primac machines for the automatic socketing of corrugated pipes under construction.

Once again the Dosi Group showed that thanks to its synergies, the companies guarantee its customers a high-quality final product, starting from the processing of raw materials to the assembly of the finished machine. The open day was a success and we look forward to meeting you at the upcoming events!