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Assembly Department

Assembly Department

The department has a crane with 6-ton lift capacity, it is equipped for the assembly of automatic machines, packaging machines, machines for plastic processing, earth-movement machines, and cranes.

Assembly of complete groups for plastic injection presses

Assembly of belt tensioner module for ceramic production

Assembly of wheel magazines for vertical lathes

Assembly of turning table for vertical lathes

Assembly of pharmaceutical powder mixer

Assembly of sizing and cooling tanks for plastic pipes

Assembly of cutting devices for plastic pipes and profiles

Assembly of in-line punching machine for extruded cable ducts

Assembly of asphalt milling machine

Assembly of micro-pile drilling machine

Assembly of hydraulic crane

Machining Department

Machining Department

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.
The machining department is served by:

Soraluce FS 8000 x 3200 Heidenhain Cnc Milling and Boring Machine

Mobile column milling center, equipped with automatic head and with Heidenhain digital control unit mod. iTNC 530.

Soraluce FP 8000 x 2500 Heidenhain Cnc for Milling and Boring Machine

New generation mobile column milling machine equipped with automatic head and with Heidenhain control unit mod. iTNC 530.

Tos 5000 × 2500 Heidenhain Cnc boring machine

5-axis horizontal boring machine with CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530. Thanks to its characteristics, it allows to obtain a high precision of boring and milling on complex structures of max weight. 25,000 kg. Spindle Ø 130 mm with strokes W = 800 mm – Y = 2500 mm Rotating table dim. 1800 x 2200 mm with lat. Stroke X = 5000 mm Column with stroke Z = 1600 mm.

Castel Red 3000 × 2000 Heidenhain Cnc boring machine

Boring machine built on a single structure that integrates the transverse movement carriage. This solution allows for extremely compact and low working heights resulting in an optimal working position for the loading and tooling of the pieces to be machined. The head bearing the boring spindle runs centrally in the frame and is guided from both sides. The resulting qualities of rigidity are unapproachable by other traditionally designed boring machines and translate into high-capacity removal and especially in precision and quality.

Rosa CNC Iron 13.6 N Siemens grinding machine

X= 1650 mm Y= 550 mm Z= 880 mm Siemens control.

Centri di lavoro Mori Seiki MV 65 Fanuc

X= 1500 mm Y= 650 mm z= 800 mm Controllo FANUC.

Centri di lavoro MAS MCV 1000 5 AX Cnc Heidenhain mahcining center

5 axis roto-tilting vertical machining center with mobile table.

Filoerosione Fanuc

2 Fanuc wire erosion machines X= 350 mm Y= 220 mm Z= 250 mm (immersion) Maximum angle of taper: 20° FANUC control.

Charmilles Robofil 240 wire erosion

X= 350 mm Y= 250 mm Z= 220 mm (immersion) Maximum angle of taper: 30° FANUC control.

Examples of machining:

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Testing Department

Testing Department

Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche uses two types of 3D quality control systems with air-conditioned cabin to test machining.


Portal dimensional control tool that guarantees a high accuracy, repeatability of results and automation of measurement cycles. Range (mm): 2540 (X) – 1500 (Y) – 1020 (Z) Position precision parallel to the axes (µm): 3 + 4 L/1000 Length measurement accuracy along any direction in space (µm): 4 + 5 L/1000

CAM2 FaroArm Platinum

This tool allows you to check large pieces both in the carpentry and in the machining phase, therefore with the part still positioned on the machine tool. The measurement accuracy is 25µm/1000.
For mechanical machining of all sizes and types, the FARO arm has an action range of the order of one and a half meters, but is equipped with a volumetric calculation system that allows it to act on pieces of any size.

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Carpentry and Welding Department

Carpentry and Welding Department

The carpentry and welding department has a crane with 12,5-ton lift capacity. The carpentry is performed on milled work benches and with the aid of masking verified in the machine tool. The execution of complex geometries falls within our production capacity.

The welds are performed both with solid and cored wire, with the appropriate preparation of chamfering and with the multipass technique. Our welders are all equipped with a RINA license.